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Prairie Landing (2nd floor landing)

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"The Vietnam War Experience" an historical exhibit.

“The Vietnam War Experience”

            The Vietnam War cost the lives of more than 58,000 Americans, with more than 153,000 seriously wounded. It dominated American life for more than a decade, leaving no one untouched by its upheaval. The Dacotah Prairie Museum presents a thoughtful look at that war and the stories of some of the South Dakota military involved. The exhibit opened on July 22 and will run through Veteran’s Day weekend, closing November 12th, 2017.

            As a result of the generosity of area veterans, the Museum was able to include representation from all branches of the military including uniforms-both dress and combat-; gear; helmets; boots and a wide variety of artifacts which returned with the veterans. Maps and especially personal photographs aid in recounting the stories of many local service men and women who were involved, serving their country under very difficult conditions.

“The Vietnam War Experience” exhibit will also be shown in conjunction with a public outreach program scheduled at the Capitol Theater in Aberdeen and many communities around the country. The presentation will promote the 18 hour documentary film series by National Public Television: “The Vietnam War”, to start in September.