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Brown County Schedule 2017

2017 Fairgrounds Schedule




Wings and other hockey at Expo and Odde Ice Center  Click on organizations for dates and times.




4th and 5th:  Aberdeen Home Builders Show


11th through 19th:    Liebelts RV Show




1st, 2nd:  Outdoor  Show (Expo Building)


3rd:  Boats being released from Fairgrounds from winter storage.

4th:   Campers being released from winter storage from all buildings

5th:   Campers being released from winter storage from all buildings



29th:  Humane Society "Paws Sale" at the (Clubhouse).



6th:  Girlz Roller Derby (Expo Building)

6th:  Master Gardeners flower sale  (Home Arts Building)   


13th: Aberdeen News Rummage sale (Expo Building)          


Horse Racing at the Brown County Grandstands on the following dates:

May 20th, 21th , 27th, 28th , and 29th  Post time is 1:00 pm on all race days.

20th:  Roller Girlz Derby (Expo Building)


27th:  Williams and Ree at the Expo Building





2nd:  Opening day Brown County Speedway (Car Racing)   

2nd:  Relay for Life  (Expo Building)


3rd:  Kart Racing at Kart Track begins for the season

3rd:   Northern Plains Livestock Show  (Expo Addition)

4th:  AAHA Horse Show (Open Arena)

9th:  Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)

16th:  Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)

18th:   AAHA Horse Show (Open Arena)

21st:  4H Horse Show


23rd:  Brown County Speedway (Car Racing)


24th:    Girlz Roller Derby (Expo Building)


30th: Brown County Speedway (Car Racing)



7th:  Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)

14th:   Brown County Speedway (Car Racing)

9th:  AHHA Horse Show (Open Arena)

14th:  Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)

18th:   Brown County Speedway (Car Racing

21st :   Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)

28th:  Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)


29th & 30th:  Monster Trucks




4th: Brown County Speedway (Car Racing)


6th:  AAHA Horse Show  (Open Arena)

11th:  Brown County Speedway   (Car Racing)

14th through the 20th:  Brown County Fair

25th:  Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)


26th:   Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)



1st:       Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)


8th, 9thBrown County Speedway  (Car Racing)

9th:  Girlz Roller Derby (Expo Building)

16th:  Celtic Faire

22nd, 23rd :   Brown County Speedway  (Car Racing)


23rd:   Humane Society "Paws Sale"  (Clubhouse)




1st:  Hockey Starts at Expo Building and Odde Ice Center

16th – 19th  :  Take in boats and campers for winter storage