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Protection Order Forms

There are two kinds of protection orders: Domestic and Stalking. Domestic protection orders are between "family and household members"; stalking protection orders are for other persons.

Under SDCL 25-10-3 there exists an action know as a petition for a protection order. When the person requesting the protection order alleges an immediate danger, the court may grant a temporary protection order pending a full hearing. SDCL 25-10-6. A temporary protection order is in effect for 30 days. SDCL 25-10-4. The respondent must be personally served SDCL 25-10-7. A hearing date will be set within those 30 days to allow the respondent and the petitioner to be heard and determine if a permanent protection order remains effective until the permanent order is served. SDCL 25-10-7.1.

Link to South Dakota Protection Order Petitions and Information