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    This means endgates / sidegates must be up and loads must be securely fastened to the trailer or vehicle they are transported in. This includes but not limited to: Chains, straps, rope etc… This does not mean a rubber tarp strap is enough to secure a load in a 30 mph wind.

    If you are a business or an out of county resident these sites are not for you. There shall be NO items placed on the ground @ the container sites. There shall be NO WOOD, CONCRETE, SHEETROCK, APPLIANCES, COUCHES, RECLINERS, OTHER LARGE FURNITURE ITEMS, WASTE OIL, TIRES, LEAD ACID BATTERIES, LIQUIDS, TREE BRANCHES, SHRUBBERY, BUSINESS WASTE, GRASS / LEAVES, or ASHES PLACED IN THESE CONTAINERS. RULE OF THUMB: If you can’t put it in a household garbage bag it doesn’t belong in these containers. NON COMPLIANCE WILL RESULT IN A FINE.

Trash to Treasure Program
MOWERS, TILLERS, MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT, BIKES, TRIKES ETC... The Brown County Landfill has started a Trash to Treasure program that deals specifically with bikes, trikes, mowers, tillers etc... Landfill staff will direct anyone bringing these items into the landfill to specific location for recycling & reuse of these items. Once items have been separated from the waste stream the public can remove any part or complete unit from the landfill from the designated location free of charge.

Compost application tips 
Rule of Thumb: spread compost no more than 1/3 depth of rototiller. A 1" layer
of compost should be tilled in 3", a 2" layer tilled in 6", and a 3" layer tilled in 9".
Available for pick up at the Landfill:
Compost available at NO CHARGE to residential users.  Limit of one pickup load or trailer load per customer.  Larger quantities available by approval only.  We will load pickups during regular hours. 

Cover Up!
Brown County Landfill initiates Covered Load Appriciation Program: On an ongoing random basis, landfill users with Covered and/or Secured Loads are rewarded with various thank-you gifts: Free coupons & gift certificates from local businesses, trash bags, tarps, & more!   

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Brown County LandfillAWARDS:

2005 Region 8 EPA Environmental Achievement Award

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8’s administrator, Robert E. Roberts, presented the EPA Environmental Achievement Awards in South Dakota. "The people receiving these awards have applied the highest standards of leadership by demonstrating creativity and taking innovative actions for the environment," said Roberts. "Their selection for this significant recognition attests to the environmental contributions they have made here in South Dakota."

It’s said that the customer comes first at the Brown County Landfill, and that sets the tone for this innovative operation that strives to make waste disposal and recycling convenient where, in this case, convenience leads to environmental benefits. By making the dropoff process easy for citizens, recycling rates are high, meaning more material gets removed from the waste stream, resulting in less bulk going into the landfill and more resources get re-used. For example, landfill users are greeted by a large, asphalt-paved lot where wastes and materials can be conveniently dropped for recycling or disposal. Each individual waste drop-off spot it clearly marked by signage. Waste storage containers are lined as appropriate to contain potential spillage. The asphalt pavement also serves to minimize environmental impacts in the events of spillage. More than a dozen types of waste can be easily dropped off for recycling, everything from used oil and antifreeze to white goods, waste tires and even bicycles. Roll-off containers are easily accessed for dropping off non-recyclable waste materials. EPA Region 8 presents awards in four categories to individuals and groups.

This award recognizes significant achievements in the protection of public health or the environment and in advancing the Agency’s strategic goals. Among the criteria is an outstanding contribution to environmental protection through a single action, or by an ongoing action over an appreciable period of time.


staff with award



The Brown County Landfill staff was honored with an Environmental Achievement Award recently for its commitment to keeping an environmentally sound site and making the landfill user-friendly.

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources nominated the landfill earlier in the year and was just informed recently by the Environmental Protection Agency that it had won.

"Mike Scott (landfill manager) does a great job," said Vonni Kallemeyn, Administrator of Waste Management for the SDDENR, "and runs an exceptional operation."

The narrative of the award states that the "customer comes first" at the landfill whether through its helpful Web site, www.browncountylandfill.org, or its countywide container sites designed to make waste disposal and recycling convenient. It also adds that the landfill is routinely rated acceptable during regulatory compliance inspections.

"It's a great honor for our facility and our employees," Scott said.

Kallemeyn said that this is the first landfill in the state that she's aware of to win the honor, which is awarded to businesses and entities that work to better the environment.


2003, 2004 Partners in Community PridePartners in Community Pride 2003


Partners in Community Pride 2004

2002 Spruce Up South Dakota
In the past 2 years, 28,000 tons of metal and 1.32 tons of pesticides were removed from Brown County. About 4,852 car batteries and 210 vehicles were also collected - all through Spruce Up South Dakota.

Mike Scott, manager of the Brown County Landfill, received an award of recognition from Governor Janklow for his promotion of and participation in the program. " Mike was personally responsible for the numbers in Brown County, and for getting the word out about the program," said Tricia Paulsen, northeast region coordinator for the program.


2002 Spruce Up Award

Landfill Operator of the Year1998-1999 Landfill Operator of the Year
South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association

For the last 3 and 1/2 years, I have had the pleasure to work with the best people in the waste management industry. It was very hard to decide which one to nominate. At the end, after weighing all qualifications of all my friends in the industry, Mike Scott, Brown County Landfill Manager won my nomination as the landfill operator of the year. Mike's work ethics are impeccable. His professionalism in dealing with public and regulatory agencies as well as his honesty in the daily operation of the Brown County Landfill deserved him this nomination. He is thorough in his work and honest in his dealing with the regulatory part of his daily work. I have always been impressed with is record keeping, management style, and dealing with his employees. He is a true teacher in the operation of a well-run municipal solid waste facility.

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Brown County LandfillFACILITY TOUR GROUPS:
The Brown County Landfill offers site tours throughout the year. Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Grade School, College and other groups are welcome anytime. Please contact Mike t o schedule your tour.


O.M. Tiffany 2nd Graders, May 2006 
OMTiffany tour

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Brown County LandfillARCHIVES:Brown County Landfill
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We installed a new scoreboard from Advanced Weighing Systems, Inc. near the scale. As the customer exits scale, the pounds the customer dropped off will be displayed on this readout.

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