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Before contacting the Communications Center to report a controlled burn, please visit our Emergency Management page for all information regarding Controlled Burns.

Emergency Managment


About 911 Communications

The Brown County Communications Center is a division of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office and was developed in 1994 as a joint effort between Brown County and the City of Aberdeen. The two entities combined their resources to better serve the community by providing a central location for the public and emergency services to report and receive emergency assistance.

The Brown County Communications Center is a state-of-the-art E911 Center located in the third largest city in the State of South Dakota, and operates 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. It provides emergency and non-emergency dispatching services for the approximately 40,000 residents as well as the numerous families, businesses, and sportsmen who visit Brown County every year. Brown County Communications Center averages approximately 10,000 911 calls and 50,000 non-emergency calls for service each year.

Brown County Communications Officers receive extensive training and are certified through the SD Law Enforcement Training and Standards Commission as well as the International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch.


Contact Information

For Emergencies, Dial 911 ......................................... Non-Emergency Number (605)626-7911