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Fairgrounds & Parks

No matter the time of year, there seems to always be activity at the fairgrounds. Throughout the summer there are lots of activities with car, go-kart, and RC-car races, horse and livestock shows, various festivities, and, of course, the Brown County Fair. In the winter, while many of the buildings are used for storage, the Holum Expo Building is quite busy with Hockey, the annual Bull-a-Rama, and  numerous home & recreational shows. It's a busy place, all year long!


Brown County Drug & DUI Court

Brown County Drug & DUI Court provides an innovative approach to rehabilitating those substantially impacted by a substance use disorder or mental health disorder who are likely to continue to commit crimes without intervention. This is a public health approach to justice reform in which treatment providers partner with probation, defense, prosecution, law enforcement and the judge to ensure individuals before the courts receive personalized and evidence-based treatment, ongoing support and recovery services.

Victim Assistance

Brown County Crime Victim’s Assistance is a one-person department located in the Brown County State Attorney’s Office and is authorized by the Brown County Commission to assist victims of crime as they work through the criminal justice system from arrest through prosecution. 

The Brown County Crime Victim Assistant will assist victims as follows:


Juvenile Diversion

The purpose of diversion is to help offenders understand that their actions have consequences, yet allow them to continue on with their adolescent lives, while providing education and tools to equip them for making better decisions down the road. The benefit of successfully completing the outlined diversion program is that the alleged charge(s) would be dismissed against the juvenile. Therefore, the juvenile has hopefully learned appropriate skills to avoid future incidents without it affecting their juvenile record. Diversion is an alternative to juvenile court.

Planning & Zoning


The Brown County Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for preparing, updating and administering the County’s Land Development Regulations to promote orderly growth and development while protecting the natural environment, and public health and safety. Planning staff provides services to residents, engineers and developers by assisting, reviewing and processing proposed projects within the County jurisdiction.

Juvenile Detention Center

The Brown County Juvenile Detention Center was established to provide secure and staff secure detention for juvenile(s) who are accused, adjudicated, given a disposition, and/or awaiting transfer to another facility. The Brown County Juvenile Detention Center contains 9 secure beds, an educational classroom and 3 recreation areas. The facility was designed for youth ages 10 through 17. The Brown County Juvenile Detention Center employs 12 full-time employees and 3 part-time staff members. Two kitchen staffers coordinate meals for the Brown County JDC and Jail facilities.

Home Detention

Home Detention is a program designed for youth ages 10 through 17 that reside in Brown County. Home Detention is defined as the supervision of a juvenile in his own residence as ordered by the Court. Home Detention Officers closely monitor the youth’s activities and behavior for a period of time. A juvenile is placed on this program under strict guidelines to help him become more accountable for his decisions and attitude. 

Home Detention's main functions: 


24/7 Program Information



PBT’s are at the 24/7 site, which is located at 12 ½ N. Main St. in the faded blue/gray building that is North of the Courthouse on Market St. and South of the Railroad tracks. The building is open from 6am to 9am and 6pm-9pm for clients to provide their PBT. The cost for the PBT's are $2 in the morning for the first 30 days ($30 state fee) and $1 in the evening.  After the first 30 days, the cost is reduced to $1 in the morning and $1 in the evening.