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All Loads/CoverUp

State & County regulations require drivers of vehicles transporting materials, waste or otherwise, to cover and secure their loads. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the law. To educate citizens of the law and promote the usage of covered and secured loads, the Brown County Landfill has initiated the Covered Load Appreciation Program.

On an ongoing, but random basis, landfill users with Covered and/or Secured Loads are rewarded with various thank-you gifts: Free coupons & gift certificates from local businesses, trash bags, tarps, & more!


3.0203 Transporting refuse to Landfill or Rural Container Sites:

ALL VEHICLES OR TRAILERS SHALL BE COVERED & SECURE. Vehicles used for transporting rubble, compost, tree limbs (less than eight inches), household garbage, and other waste material shall be transported in an enclosed, covered vehicle having appropriate side and rear gates to prevent its load from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping from the vehicle.


3.0204 Untarped or Nonsecured Loads:

Tarping Exceptions: Large rocks, concrete, large trees (over 8 inches & less than 8 ft in length), appliances and other heavy material determined by the landfill manager or his designee not to blow from said vehicle.

Items in the exception category still require appropriate end and side gates and additional restraints (ropes, chains, straps, etc.) as necessary.



  • Be covered & secure.
  • Weighed In & Out: Scale operator inspects & directs load to proper location.
  • Be in and unloaded by listed closing time.
  • Separate materials & place in designated location by listed material type.