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Sheriff's Office

SDCL 7-12-1

Sheriff to preserve the peace - Apprehension of felons - Execution of process. The Sheriff shall keep and preserve the peace within the county, for which purpose he is empowered to call to his aid such persons or power of his county as he may deem necessary. He must pursue and apprehend all felons, and must execute all writs, warrants, and other process from court or magistrate which shall be directed to him by legal authority.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Civil Process
  • Jail
  • Juvenile Detention Center
  • Home Detention
  • 24/7 Sobriety Program
  • Communications Center
  • Prisoner Transport
  • Dive/Rescue Team
  • Coroner


There are 65 full time and 20 part-time employees at the Sheriff's Office.

Contact Information

22 Court Street Suite 1 Aberdeen, SD 57401
Phone: (605) 626-7100
Fax: (605) 626-4015