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For Educators & Researchers

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The Dacotah Prairie Museum has an ever-growing selection of presentations. Members of the Museum's speakers' bureau cover many aspects of local history. For more information on our programs, visit our news page or contact us!

Aberdeen History Lessons for your Classroom.

Education Catalog

A wide variety of educational programs and activities are available from the Museum for people of all ages.

History-In-A-Trunk brings hands-on artifacts to the audience.


History campDuring summer, History Camps for all ages include doing old-time chores, playing old-fashioned games, cooking over a camp fire, and exploring the buildings at Centennial Village at the Brown County Fairgrounds.



Afternoon into the pastchurnArea third and fourth graders enjoy "An Afternoon Into the Past" in which they dip candles, churn butter, spin and weave, and wash clothes on a washboard with lye soap.

The Junior Docent Program is a partnership in education with the Roncalli Middle School sixth grade classes. Students are trained to assist museum staff with general tours, Afternoon Into the Past programs and many outreach program. This successful program introduces the students to community service and volunteerism and provides the DPM with a corps of youthful volunteers.


Click on any title for a pdf version of these brochures, produced by local historians. Note the date of publication. Call the DPM with any questions at 605.626.7117.  All sources must be cited when used in publications.

A Guide to the Hargerty & Lloyd Historic District (1990) - Brown County Landmarks Commission

Aberdeen Hagerty Lloyd Historic District (1999)- Brown County Landmarks Commission

Aberdeen's Parkland Heritage 1881-1931 (1995) - Brown County Landmarks Commission

Brown County Centennial Minutes (1989) - Helen Bergh

Brown County Courthouse, A Century Landmark (2004) - Nancy Aman & Dr. Art Buntin

Exploring Brown County, A Guide to Sites on the National Register of Historic Places (1994) - Brown County Landmarks Commission

Hamlin Garland Memorial (2010) - Hamlin Garland Society

Historic Aberdeen (1981) - Brown County Museum & Historical Society

Historic Groton Walking Tour (2006) - Brown County Landmarks Commission

Historic James River (1985) - Brown County Historical Society

Monuments, Markers and Memorials of Brown County (1998) - Brown County Landmarks Commission

Municipal Building, Aberdeen SD (1996) - Brown County Landmarks Committee

Relief and Recovery, The New Deal in Brown County (2005) - Brown County Landmarks Commission

South Main Street, Changing and Changeless (2007) - Brown County Landmarks Commission

The Historic Alonza Ward Hotel (Date Unknown) - Beverly J Farmen

James River Landscapes, Historic Sites in Brown County (2001) - Brown County Landmarks Commission