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Dacotah Gallery

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"Aberdeen Illuminated"

by Phoebe Dawn

Opening June 1, 2017 with an artist's reception. This show will run through Sept. 1, 2017.


When you pass by an old building, what do you see?

Artist Statement by Phoebe Dawn

Do you see a bunch of wood and stones that have seen better days? Or do you see the memories, stories, and beauty associated with the structures? Ever since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated by the precious little things that adorn the world we live in. I never get tired of exploring cities and wildernesses in search of hidden curiosities that often go unnoticed. They’re what inspire me to paint, draw in the first place. The ancient buildings that garnish our streets are prime examples of such wonders.

What makes these monuments so interesting is the history and the ideas behind them. The truth is, every old building tells the story. The builders who planned and erected these old structures left their personal mark behind. Those who walked the halls and worked in the rooms also left something of themselves. When it comes down to it, all old buildings, and not so old, tell a story every bit as much as does a book.

The goal of my artwork is to make you use your imagination to look beyond the chipped paint and empty spaces to the glory days of activity and ambition. I want to show you the details of the architecture, sometimes hidden behind dirt and dust, which will tell those prepared to listen something about the thoughts and dreams of those who have gone before. Sometimes, it helps to see an old building from a different and unusual angle or perspective. These structures can truly be powerful time machines if we but have the desire and perception to step out and take that journey.

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