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"My Vision in Watercolor"

by Rosemarie Hanssen


Rosemarie Hanssen is a northeast South Dakota landscape and floral artist. She developed an early interest in art from a grandmother who was also an artist. However, she graduated from South Dakota State University with a BS degree in Nursing. She eventually quit nursing when she became involved in dairy and grain farming with her husband and did very little artwork while raising children and working on the farm. She did a few oil paintings over the years before taking a short watercolor class and learning she really enjoyed watercolor painting! On her own she studied design, pigment characteristics, and color mixing in her quest to become a better watercolor painter. She has also taken a few workshops to learn more about art, and watercolor painting in particular. Rosemarie and her husband currently live on their small grain and beef farm. Over the years she has sold many paintings and current artwork can be seen online at

Sica Hollow
"Sica Hollow"


My paintings reflect my rural lifestyle and my flower beds! Often my painting is about sunlight, but sometimes it is the more subtle beauty of clouds, rain, snow, and fog. Small paintings are sometimes done on site, but many paintings are my interpretation of a combination of photos I have taken. Once I have developed the composition and planned the color scheme, I usually work from light to dark, and back to front, except for flowers where I like to do the blossoms before they wilt! Sometimes I use some masking to preserve white paper, then I let the paint blend wet into wet, and add some dry brushwork and spatter for the final details. This style of working makes my paintings appear realistic without being formal and over worked. The nature of watercolor is to be unpredictable, surprising things happen along the way, sometimes plans change. But that is what makes it so fun!


Now showing through March 30, 2017.

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