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Lamont Gallery


"Horsehair Pottery: Dakota Style"
June 1 - Sept. 30, 2017

“Horsehair Pottery by Deb Burckhard”

The Dacotah Prairie Museum welcomes back Artist Deb Burckhard of Kimball, SD, with her exquisite horsehair pottery into the Lamont Gallery. This is Deb’s second solo showing at the Museum of her mixed-media ceramic pieces.

            Horsehair Pottery is a tradition of ancient Native tribes when legend tells us that in order to honor their favorite war pony, a warrior would cut the long tail hairs of the horse and when a piece of pottery was being fired, just below red hot, the hairs would carefully be placed on the hot pot. The horsehair would then kink and curl until it finally burned away leaving the black carbon trail behind as a part of the pottery design.

            Deb’s pottery focuses on organic forms in clay, beautifully balanced and pleasing to the eye. She has spent years developing her own glazing formulas, making use of brilliant turquoise, purples and reds as well as rich earth tones. She also embellishes the pots with natural elements such as buckskin, feathers, quills and stones to further highlight the piece. Fans of stunning and original pottery, come and see the best the area has to offer. The 40 piece exhibit runs until September 27, 2017.

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