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"Frontier Main Street" Seasonal Children's Exhibit
February 10 - April 27, 2017

Museum Opens New Children’s Exhibit

“Frontier Main Street”

          The Dacotah Prairie Museum, 21 South Main St., Aberdeen, SD announces the opening of its newest Children Exhibits for 2017. The three room exhibit is entitled “Frontier Main Street” and will open on Friday, February 10, 2017. The public open house will follow on Saturday, February 11 from 1-4pm. There will be food and activities for everyone and all are invited and welcome.

          “Frontier Main Street” revolves around the idea that people and children lived in Brown County during the late 1800s and early 1900s and they used and worked at real businesses, some different and some very much the same just used in a different way. To re-enforce the idea that these were all real businesses, each station will be accompanied by photographs of actual Brown County places like lumber yards; hotels; banks; railroad stations; and post offices which are the basis of the buildings and projects in the exhibit..

          Each station will be accompanied by hands-on activities the children can do to make these businesses come to life. They can dress in “fancy” Victorian clothes and have dinner in the Hotel Dining Room, enjoying candy from the Chocolate Shop for dessert. Then they may travel to the Bank where they can collect 1890s dollars bills and coins to spend in a money sack. Visiting the Land Office will allow the young pioneer to buy one of 10 Brown County houses and, filling out a Land Deed, choose where to put their house on Frontier Main Street. Next door at the Lumber Yard, children will try building their own 3-D structures of wood.

          At the Train Station, would-be passengers can buy a ticket to exciting destinations or become the train conductor or engineer in uniform while riding on our new train engine. The Post Office will allow “postal workers” to sort packages to the correct bin to deliver to Brown County towns and the postal box provides a sorting station for letters backed with local historic figures and their pictures and descriptions.

          Following Main Street to the Opera House, young actors and actresses may dress in costume and present a play on the stage for their relatives and friends present. A unique building to Aberdeen, Brown County finishes Main Street in style. The Aberdeen Grain Palace, once located on South Main (in the spot occupied by the present day Malchow’s Store) will be shown in 3-D model (inside and out), outside walls for visitors to decorate, and a photograph of the real building!

We hope that visitors to Frontier Main Street will want to return time and again to enjoy playing and learning about a frontier town coming to life.


Museum Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9-5 and Saturday – Sunday, 1-4.